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General Physiotherapy

If you are suffering from pain or injury, physiotherapy is very likely to help. Additionally, no doctor referral is required to attend physiotherapy.

Sports Injuries

Rehabilitation for sports injuries is one of our specialities.  Get back on the field quicker, stonger, and as soon as possible.

Head, Neck and Jaw Pain

If you are suffering from head neck or jaw pain, don’t delay. Book an appointment today.


Looking for physiotherapy for yourself or a loved one? With every NDIS participant, we work diligently and liaise with family and support networks to get the best outcomes possible.

Bulk Billed Physiotherapy

We bulk bill eligible care plans from your doctor at no cost to you!

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People First Physiotherapy

Reduce Pain and Improve Your Movement Today

Welcome to Alpha Physio Brisbane.  We are a ‘People First’ physiotherapy clinic with approachable experts on hand. We help rehabilitate people through pain and injury, and can assist with a wide range of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. We will work with you to get the best health outcomes possible, and help you live the life you want to live.

We can treat anything from a minor niggle, to major trauma, to a chronic condition.  Our physiotherapists provide skilled assessment, quality hands on care, and personalised exercise to help you achieve your goals. 

If you want expert care from a friendly approachable team, visit Alpha Physio today.

Reasons to See a Physiotherapist

Physiotherapists help diagnose problems and treat a wide variety of disorders affecting the skeletal and muscular systems as well as the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Receiving Physiotherapy can help restore your mobility, accelerate recovery, alleviate pain, reduce stiffness, and help improve your overall well-being so you can live better.

Physiotherapy offers a combination of effective treatments, aids, exercises and lifestyle advice for chronic disease management and improving physical conditions sustained from injury or accident or an ailment that has been carried for years.

Whether you are suffering from debilitating pain or a tiny “niggle”, the holistic physio treatments we provide here at Alpha Physio can treat any number of injuries, dysfunctions and pain, including:

Aches and Pains

Sports and Work Injuries

Pain with Movement

Clicking and Clunking Joints

Dizziness, Vertigo and Balance Issues

Neurological Injuries and Conditions

Migraines, Headaches and Jaw Pain

Pins and Needles or Numbness

Weakness or Loss of Strength

Pre and Post Op Rehabilitation

Chronic Condition Management

Relief from Pain and Stiffness

Our clinic welcomes people of all ages and walks of life, and we will go to extra lengths to ensure your experience with us is as comfortable and gentle as possible during any treatment.

Our Services

We are one of the leading providers of domiciliary care and health care staffing services. Our team offers a wide range of physiotherapy services for private patients and businesses.

Personal Services

  • One-on-one sessions
  • Dry needling
  • Lymphatic massage
  • Gym & hydrotherapy sessions
  • Ongoing management plans
  • Exercise and stretching programs
  • Manual therapy and therapeutic exercise
  • Electrotherapy modalities
  • Remedial massage
  • Preventative taping
  • Home visits
  • Cupping
  • GP Care plans
  • Sports physiotherapy

Business Services

  • Pre-employment health checks
  • Injury prevention & On-site assessments
  • Preventative exercise programs
  • Early-intervention treatments for work-related injuries
  • Work Cover claims

Our Clinic

Simon Beagley is a Brisbane physiotherapist and owner of Alpha Physio, committed to the highest level of care. He obtained a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of Queensland, is a member of the Australian Physiotherapists Association and is a published author on Paediatric occupational therapy.

Alpha Physio is a team of Brisbane locals. It is a friendly team of like-minded, caring professionals who share a passion for the benefits of holistic physiotherapy and take great pride in the results their hands-on treatment brings to all their patients.

We believe you don’t have to endure the pain that can make life unbearable, and we are dedicated to finding solutions that bring fast, effective relief in the long term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Us?

We don’t believe in any quick fixes for your long-term health. We instead focus on getting to the root of the problem and ultimately fixing it, so you don’t need ongoing physiotherapy treatment.

We take a complete history of your injury or complaint, not just what has happened so that we can provide a holistic treatment plan.

All our therapists stay updated with the latest advancements, treatment techniques and technology to ensure you receive the very best care possible.

How long will treatment take?

Our Initial appointments are 30 minutes. This allows us to take a full history and assessment to accurately diagnose your injury or condition. You will also receive a full treatment and plan for recovery. Subsequent appointments are also 30 minutes.

What happens during treatment?

You will initially discuss your condition with an experienced physiotherapist. They will examine you and identify your problem, make a diagnosis, and provide you with a detailed explanation of your condition. Our focus is on treating the root cause, not just treating the symptoms. Once diagnosed, you will receive treatment, and your physiotherapist will discuss the need for further visits when and if required.

Can I Request a Male or Female Physiotherapist?

For most conditions, this will not be a problem – just let our admin team know your preference when booking your appointment. For some complex needs, such as migraines or other types of headaches, we recommend booking with our physiotherapists, specifically trained to treat such conditions.

What do I bring to my appointment?

Wear comfortable clothing that will allow the physiotherapist to assess you and your injuries. It is also helpful to bring any x-rays, scans, or other medical information that is relevant to your condition.

Do I need a referral?

No. Physiotherapists are first contact practitioners and you do not require a referral to see one. However many doctors do refer to physiotherapists, so if you have a referral please bring it to the appointment so we can communicate with your doctor.

Do you do home visits?

Yes our physiotherapists do home visits. Please let our staff know if you require one. You will be contacted with a safety and consent form to ensure a safe visit for you and your physio. A travel cost will apply.

Does health insurance cover treatments?

If you have extras in your private health insurance policy, they will cover some of the cost of treatment. This can be claimed onsite with our HICAPS machine. To determine your level of cover, contact your health insurance provider, or swipe your card in the clinic for a quote.

Do you provide NDIS support?

Yes! We love helping NDIS participants improve their lives. If you are self of planned managed, we offer in clinic treatment, gym & hydrotherapy rehabilitation, and home visits.

What times are you open?

Our physiotherapists are available 7:00am – 7:00pm weekdays, and 8:00 – 12:00pm on Saturdays. Our admin team is available 9:00am – 5:00pm weekdays, so please try to call during this time when possible.

Do you bulk bill doctor care plans?

Yes! If you have a valid care plan from your doctor there is no additional fee. This also applies if you have a valid WorkCover, DVA or CTP claim, or have an NDIS plan.

What is dry needling?

Dry needling uses acupuncture needles within a western medical model to reduce pain. Thin monofilament needles are inserted into muscular trigger points (knots) to relieve muscular pain, promote blood flow, and modulate the nervous system. Certified physical therapists administer the procedure with specialised knowledge and training. Ask your treating physiotherapist if you are interested.

We’ll go above and beyond to provide the best physiotherapy Brisbane can offer, so if you want to get started on the road to recovery, contact our clinic and make an appointment with our friendly team so we can help you achieve the results you desire.

Our physio clinic in Brisbane is conveniently located in the suburb of Sumner, just off the Centenary highway in the western suburbs.

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