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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of pain, injury, and movement disorders carried out by a physiotherapist. Physiotherapists are university trained (Bachelor or Master’s degree) and registered health professionals.

A physiotherapy session usually involves an assessment and physical examination to establish a diagnosis, hands on care to improve movement and pain, and personalised exercise to make the body robust against further injury and pain.

Many conditions can be improved or even fixed with a course of physiotherapy. The duration of physiotherapy varies with the condition, but typically around 4-10 sessions will see significant improvement. Physiotherapy can also help to manage chronic conditions.

What does physiotherapy treat?

The short answer is many conditions. Physiotherapists have extensive training in anatomy, pathology, physiology, and biomechanics. For this reason, physiotherapists can help with a range of conditions, including musculoskeletal, neurological, and pain conditions.

Some common conditions physiotherapy can treat include:

  • Muscle tears
  • Ligament and tendon injuries
  • Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow
  • Joint injuries
  • Arthritis (osteo and rheumatoid)
  • Bursitis (eg. hip, shoulder)
  • Cartilage injuries
  • Nerve injuries
  • Pain conditions
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Whiplash
  • Jaw problems
  • Back pain
  • Fracture rehabilitation
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Vertigo and dizziness
  • And much more!
Do I need to see a doctor first?

No, you can see a physiotherapist without a doctor referral. Physiotherapists are registered first contact health practitioners meaning you can see them without a doctor’s referral.

How much does it cost?

Our initial appointment fee is $119.00, and our subsequent consultations are $108.00. You may also be eligible for appointments at no cost to you if you have funding through NDIS, WorkCover, DVA, an insurance claim, a doctor’s care plan, or another funding source. See our Services

Why Alpha Physio?

Our ethos is people first. We will always provide the best care, assessment, and treatment available, and will work with you to achieve your goals. In addition to university training, our physiotherapists undergo an Alpha Physio induction, and regular professional development to ensure the best service available.


Physiotherapists are skilled university-trained health professionals that help with a variety of musculoskeletal, neurological, and pain conditions. If you have pain or injury you can see a physiotherapist without referral from a doctor. Typically, a physiotherapist will be able to improve or fix your condition withing 4-10 sessions.

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