Geek Fit 24/7


If there is one thing Alpha Physio values, it is exercise for health and wellbeing. Geek Fit embodies this completely and is a valuable partner of Alpha Physio. GeekFit is an exclusive boutique gym situated in Sumner, with an emphasis on putting your health and happiness first.

CJ & Hayden the owners of GeekFit are passionate about providing personalised training to help you achieve your goals. They are open, friendly, and provide life and energy to your exercise routines. They cater to the entire community and have a neurodiverse membership.

We regularly take our patients to GeekFit to help them rehabilitate from pain and injury, and to progress them towards their goals in life. We offer special packages in partnership with GeekFit to help you achieve your health and fitness aspirations.

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We also know and love the trainers at GeekFit and collaborate with them regularly. We can provide handovers to a trainer of your choice if you are looking for a safe start to your fitness journey.

For more information about GeekFit, visit or talk to Alpha Physio today.