Poor Posture

Mar 7, 2011Common Conditions, Treatments

Poor Posture

How many times have you been told that you have poor posture, rounded shoulders, or that you slouch a lot? Perhaps you have children who have poor posture and despite repeated goading refuse to sit or stand straight. Maybe they complain that it hurts if they stand up straight or they say that they simply can’t.

These scenarios are quite common as the majority of cases of poor posture are as a result of muscle imbalances. These can result from repetitive activities (overusing certain muscle groups whilst under using the opposite muscles), adopting prolonged positions (i.e. sitting for long periods), injury or damage to muscles, or inappropriate exercising or stretching techniques.

These subsequent imbalances involuntarily alter our posture or alignment creating what we call “poor posture”.

These imbalances if left uncorrected can lead on to more serious injuries or problems at a later date. The good news is that this problem is easily fixed with the help of your local physiotherapist.

If you have any further questions or believe you have poor posture or muscle imbalances, please feel free to contact Alpha Physiotherapy and book an appointment on (07) 3279 3871.


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