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Telehealth Video Appointments Now Available

Please Note: We are no longer providing Telehealth services due to COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, but may do so again in the future if required.

What is Telehealth or Telerehabilitaion?

Telehealth or Telerehabilitation is the use of video conferencing technology to allow patients to connect with physiotherapists from anywhere in the world. This is great when you are unable to attend your physiotherapy clinic due to illness, isolation, time constraints, or geographical distance.

But what can physiotherapists do over a video call? Physiotherapists can interview you about your symptoms and injury, assess your quality of movement over video, provide a diagnosis, provide education about your injury or condition, provide necessary restrictions to activity to avoid further injury, and provide strengthening exercises to help you on your way to recovery!

Additionally, exercises are sent to a free app on your smart phone (PhysiApp) so that you can reference them anytime with no charge or fee. These are also accessible from a browser on your computer. You also have the option of messaging your physiotherapist after appointments for further advice if required (we can answer if we are not too busy!).

In short, Telehealth with Alpha Physio involves:

  1.  Video conferencing with your physiotherapist (secure and encrypted).
  2. An interview regarding your symptoms and/or injury.
  3. Video assessment of your movement.
  4. Receiving a diagnosis.
  5. Advice and education regarding your condition or injury.
  6. Exercise prescription to make you stronger and progress towards recovery.
  7. Feeling better!

Alpha Physio Telehealth appointments are 30 minutes long and cost $50 as an introductory offer. To make an appointment please first call the clinic and provide us with a working email and your date of birth (this will be used as part of your log in to PhysiApp). You will then need to fill in this TeleHealth Registration Form and if you have not been to Alpha Physio before, we will email you a new patient form to fill in and return via email before your appointment.

Getting Ready for Your Telehealth Appointment

You will need a suitable device with a camera and microphone for your Telehealth appointment. This should preferably be a laptop or computer, although tablets and smart phones can also be used.

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that you can move and exercise freely in. Clear some floor space of all loose objects, as you will likely have to move and/or exercise as part of your assessment. Ensure there are no trip, slip, or other hazards.

Once your environment is ready, place your device on a sturdy surface, so that that the camera can clearly see you at eye level. We may also need you to put your device on the floor depending on the movement assessments required.

If using a computer, laptop, or tablet go to to log in as a patient. You will be asked for an activation code to log in. This will be sent to you via email before your appointment. Simply log in and await your Telehealth call from your physiotherapist in the browser.

If you are using a smart phone, download the PhysiApp app (free) and use your activation code to log into the app. Await the Telehealth call through the app. Note: it can be tricky to assess your movement if you are holding your smart phone or tablet. Where possible have something such as a stand or tripod to hold your phone/tablet separately while you move. Alternatively use a laptop or computer as discussed above.

Please note that we also offer Skype as an alternative platform. If you would like to use Skype, please tell our staff when booking appointment.

For payment, an invoice will be issued to your email after your appointment which can be paid via bank transfer or credit card over the phone within 7 business days.

Thank you for opting to use Telehealth at this uncertain time. By choosing Telehealth, you are helping to protect patients and staff, as well as the general public from the spread of COVID-19. Great Job!

If you have any further questions, or to book your Telehealth appointment, please contact Alpha Physiotherapy on (07) 3279 3871.


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